Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wooden Airplanes

Today, I read a wonderful blog post by a woman named CK. She is a very witty writer and I really enjoy her insights into parenting. Her post An Early Walk was about how doing something simple with your child can make a world of difference to them and you. I thought I would take her up on the idea.

When R and I picked up B and A at school today, I asked them if they’d like to take a bike ride tonight. As usual, they were very excited about this idea. It was a beautiful day here-sunny, cool, blue skies. Perfect weather for a ride. We hustled through dinner and clean up so we could get out in time. T made it home and was able to join us.

Whenever we go bike riding with the kids, I think we look like a family of ducks all in a row. I usually take the lead, followed by A and B with T pulling R behind in her Burley. They all love to ride. We cruise around our neighborhood and identify the flowers that everyone has taken the time to plant. We say hi to neighbors. We call out greetings to the dogs we know by name. The kids usually open up during the ride and talk to us about all kinds of things from their friends to what happened throughout their day.

Tonight, I packed a small surprise for them. We stopped at the top of a grassy hill at the park in our neighborhood and flew little wooden airplanes. I had purchased them at a craft store for a dollar to have as an activity this summer. I had the exact spot on this hill in mind to fly them from. One thing led to another and we never made it around to flying them this summer. So, I grabbed them tonight and thought just maybe they’d work.

The kids had such a great time. They loved every minute and thought they were just the best thing ever-a huge treat.

So, there we stood two blocks from our house on a hill watching the kids throw wooden airplanes in the last of the summer sunlight. The grass seemed so green to me. The sky was so blue. The sun was so bright. Their faces were just perfect.

A totally unplanned evening that was just what we needed. Time spent just being with each other. Just enjoying the moment. The pile of laundry didn’t matter. The baths could wait. The line of activities we have to run to tomorrow did not cross my mind. I was able to be present. For that, I am grateful. It seems so rare these days.

So, hold on to those last moments of summer. You just may be able to sneak one more in. And I’m going to hold on to these moments of childhood because they seem even more fleeting than the summer sun.

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  1. You are a very wise mommy. Hold tight to those moments. They fly by very quickly.