Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Crap

Yesterday, we took B to his first soccer game of the year. T and I are so proud of him and how hard he is working on this new team. The games are great to watch. They’re so much more exciting than the local recreation league games. These kids want to play and they want to win! Badly. B included.

So, we were sitting with all of the other suburbanites in our folded stadium chairs along one side of the field. We’re yelling and cheering on our team. When all of the sudden R, 2 years old, yells out “Oh Crap!” after her brother missed the ball.

It was one of those moments when you think the world has stopped and you can actually hear a pin dropping. So many thoughts were going through my head. I was sure there would be judgment from the other mommies-most of whom we’ve only recently met.

Now, if she had stopped there, it wouldn’t have been that bad. However, her 7 year-old sister’s eyes flew wide open like saucers and the giggling began. I was too busy hunkering down hoping to God that no one had heard my sweet little toddler with the bow in her hair swearing. That was right about when she realized this was quite amusing and began to repeatedly call out “Oh Crap!”. Over and over again. Until her father scooped her up in order to have a moment with her away from the field.

Who’s fault was this?!? Who was teaching this child to speak that way? Can I blame daycare? No, she stays home all day with me. Can I blame her older siblings? No, they are actually quite well behaved most of the time.

Oh, Crap. She must have learned it from me.


  1. As the mom of 7 yo twins, I suspect you must know this is only the first of many such moments. All I can tell you is the moms in the stands were not looking on in scorn. They were thinking "thank goodness it was her this time."

  2. Ha, ha! I can just picture that. And Myra is right--the other moms were just happy it wasn't one of theirs this time.