Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mommy Said

Mommy said...

We have to wear our coats today.

That’s not appropriate.

I am the best drawer ever.

She loves me.

We can go to the park.

As a mother, you make a million decisions throughout a day. Some are very well thought out and have firm reasoning behind them. Some are flippant and given to merely keep order or peace of mind. Yesterday, I heard A go into the toy room and with authority proclaim to B and R that it was OK to be wearing what she had on because Mommy said so. It made me think of the many other times I’ve heard this expression proclaimed from one sibling to another. A strong declaration that is delivered with nothing but absolute authority. Is this how this comes across as it leaves my lips? And for how long will this carry forth? How long will “Mommy said” be considered law around this home? Something tells me that I can only hope for a few more good years before those proclamations are challenged by preteen lips.


  1. I think one of my worst days was the day Miss D. discovered the word "why?" The word "why" totally sucks.

  2. I thought "why" was bad too...until my daughter starting lying with the "Mommy said so" authority attached. It's definitely brought my husband and I closer together, though. Since we now have to double-check each other whenever she speaks.