Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Dash

Soccer practice twice a week for two children at different times.

Softball games three times a week.

Baseball practice twice a week.

Ballet practice once a week for the smallest child.

A recital upcoming. Pictures, dress rehearsal and a small gathering at our house afterwards.

Piano lessons for two children, plus practice time.

Girl Scouts every other week.

Gymnastics every Wednesday.

School pick up and drop off every day twice a day.

Preschool twice a week.

At least two and possibly up to four soccer games each weekend.

A tournament in two weeks that our soccer club is hosting and requiring each family to volunteer 6 hours working.

The art fair project at school that I volunteer for each year.

End of year teacher gifts to coordinate.

Field trip next week to chaperone.

The second grade sing at school.

Volunteer breakfast at school next week.

Girl's softball game with PE teachers after school next week.

It’s ok. I got this.

I look at this time of year, the hell that has become known as May, as a mad dash. If I can just hang in there and not have my legs give out, I can make it. Make it to the finish line. The end of the school year. I will promptly say goodbye and suck it to that horrid schedule. To the demands on our family’s time. To the running. To the craziness. And into the bliss of summer.



Here we come.

Head down.

Finish line in sight…

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remembering when...

Remember when we could sleep late?

Remember when we would go to restaurants that adults frequented? The ones without crayons or paper tablecloths.

Remember when we could cuddle in bed in the morning with no one in between us?

Remember when I could get dressed without dressing 3 other people at the same time?

Remember our conversations that lingered and dissected our life and our future?

Remember dreaming with the one you love?

Remember no interruptions?

Remember you and I?

Holding hands.

A glass of wine. And then another.

Truly seeing you for the first time in… too long.

Reconnecting with my friend. Being reintroduced to my boyfriend.

All these things and more are what leaving our three children behind and running away for a long weekend with you gave me. It also told me that it’s still you. It will always be you. Thank you for fifteen wonderful years. Happy Anniversary, T.

All of my love…