Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Baby

We were not expecting you. You were not even a possibility in my mind. Yet, here you are. My extra blessing. The one that makes me think how could we be this lucky? We already had more than we could have hoped for and then we were given you.

You did not just come into our lives quietly. Your presence was made known from the start. You staked your place in this family and let it be know to all that you were here. The rest of us adjusted. We made room. We opened our hearts again.

You’ve given me the chance to be a mother for a second time-to apply what I learned the first time around. Then, to make sure I am kept on my toes, you changed all the rules on me. You make me work harder. Be better. Learn more. Not all children are the same. Each requires something different-one lesson I’ve learned these past few years.

Today, my baby, you turn three. And you now know so many things. How to say please and thank you. How to sing the alphabet. How to count. How to love your family. How to draw a smiley face. How to write the letter R. How to shake your booty. How to make us all laugh. How to garner most of the household’s attention.

While you have numerous accomplishments, there are so many things you have to still learn. How to have patience. How to show kindness. How to share. How to leave your Mommy. Let’s not learn that last one too fast. I hope you realize that you don’t need to be seven or whatever is the current age of your siblings. You actually make a very good three. If I can get you to learn that last one my darling, you will be so much happier for it.

And so today on your birthday, we cross over. From two to three. I am ready to say bye bye to the terrible twos, but not so ready to give up your babyhood. You are my last child. My baby. In my mind, you will always be just that. I cherish this opportunity. The chance to do it again. The privilege of being your mother. Happy Birthday, R. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Or, as we say in our family, I love you with all of my heart…


  1. What a beautiful post! Your R turns three and in two days, Miss M. turns 4...they are such blessings, aren't they?

  2. Perfect post. My baby just turned 4. He garners all the attention too!!

  3. Awww what a cutie! Happy birthday to her!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little girl! There is something very special about savoring that last one. Having one after twins is like a breath of fresh air no? :-)

  5. Tearjerker! Happy Birthday to your little one. Adorable pic!

  6. What a moving post. Hope you both enjoyed her birthday. Thank you for sharing beautiful thoughts and a beautiful photo.