Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Delay

Everyday, as we drop B and A off at school, R goes into her routine. In the carpool lane, she starts with “Give me kisses, B! A, you need give me kisses!” As they are stepping out of the car, she says “I wuv you, B! I wuv you, A! Now, you say wuv too!” As soon as the door closes, she turns to me with tears in her eyes and says “Why do B and A go to school all da time?” Her eyes are usually brimming with tears. Each and every day this happens, which is why I signed her up for preschool this year.

She is technically not supposed to go to 3 year-old preschool until next fall because of her October birthday. However, this child needs something of her own. She needs to feel that she is not being left behind all of the time.

Preschool was scheduled to begin only a week after elementary school. However, in their infinite wisdom, they sent a letter out three days before school was supposed to begin to say that there were renovations happening (all to improve your child’s learning experience, of course!) and this would delay the start of school until September 29th. Are you kidding me? Nice notice. What may I ask was happening over there all summer long?

In the mind frame of a 2 year-old, this 3-week delay is a lifetime. She has complained. Everyday. She has asked. Everyday. She begs to go to school with B and A. Everyday. I feel terrible for her. I feel terrible for me. So, I’ve resorted to trying to keep her occupied with other things.

This past week, we took all of our summer flowers out of the ground and pots and put in Mums for fall. R and I headed to the nursery to purchase the mums. She loves it there. She stops and smells all of the pretty flowers. She is the one who pulls our wagon. The fountains on display entrance her.

As we are walking and picking out the flowers, R turns to me. She says, “Mommy, is it just you and me?” Her face is beaming as she is pulling the wagon by herself. I said, “Yes, R. It’s just you and me.” With that, she hugged my leg and said “I wuv you too, Mommy.” She was content. She realized it was just going to be us and that was OK. It may not be the same as having her two playmates that are now in school. But, she has me. All to herself.


  1. It's sad to see them off to school, but that time withthe youngest certainly is precious. Enjoy.

  2. Ahhh...that got me a little teary eyed! It sounds like you have a very sweet little girl on your hands :)

  3. Oh, that is so sweet! Treasure this time, because we all know it goes by so quickly, even if your little one doesn't know it!

  4. My girls will have the same birthday deadline dilemma, born in November. They hate people though so I don't think they'll be excited for pre-school when the time comes. (They'll be 2 in November.) They go ballistic every time I leave the room so I figure if that continues they might be the first kids on the planet to get expelled from pre-school.