Monday, December 7, 2009

A Tale of Two Trees

Once upon a time, a young girl dreamed of lovely Christmas decorations. She fantasized about a home of her own, with her new husband. One where the halls are decked and the lights twinkle. Ribbons and bows of rich velvet and frosty tulle sweep over the tree. Garland swags line the stairs. Everything shimmers in elegance and beauty to reflect the season.

When that girl was first married, the young couple had only a few ornaments for their tree. They also had a limited budget with which to decorate. But, she made the best of it and went about making most of what they put out-from the stockings to the bows to the garland. She crafted, she glued, and she even sewed! And her home looked lovely. Yet, she would eye up the department store trees. Oh, how they were color coordinated or themed. They were so very pretty to look at. One day, she swore she’d have a stunning tree of her own.

Well, when the girl moved into her current house, she finally was able to put up such a tree. She bought the new ornaments. All of them in gold, amber, and chocolate hues. She draped it in tulle and put a rich chocolate velvet skirt underneath. She had a special bow made for the top. The tree was lovely. People commented on its beauty. The girl was pleased, but also surprised.

While she liked looking at the tree, it didn’t put forth a feeling of Christmas for her. You see, her heart belonged to another. Her true love was for the family Christmas tree. The one with ornaments like these.

These ornaments symbolized a life lived. There were those that marked all of the major milestones in her life. Ones for new babies, a first home, and vacations spent with friends and family, graduations, marriage and anniversaries. Her wedding ring was even presented in a little wooden ornament box one December day. That very box now hangs on this tree.

There are the ornaments that were made by her children. These are the ones that she cherishes more than anything. These are the ones that can never be replaced. The ones made out of love by the people she loves more than life itself.

This is her tree. The one she truly cherishes and adores. The one that her heart desired all along. When thinking about that young girl and what she was looking for at the beginning of her married life, she realizes that it can be found on this tree. A life. Spent with people you love.

This tree is Christmas. This tree is family. This tree is home.


  1. That tree is HUGE! And gorgeous....

  2. Beautiful. So beautiful. I always think of the Christmas tree as the story of our lives. Your words today were inspired.

  3. I so agree! It's those ugly, funny, silly, oddball, ornaments with the stories behind them that really matter.

  4. And it is a beautiful tree! My kids always stick their homemade ornaments in the front and center of the tree, while hanging the expensive designer ornaments in the back. As it should be, right?

  5. We have the same thing....the tree in our family room is all sentimental...the one in the front window is "fancy"! Ilove it. :)