Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tantrum Time

R’s Top Tantrums (this week…)

1. There are no elephants in the handful of animal crackers that I’ve given her.
2. We cannot go to the ice cream store that we just passed. It is 8:45 am.
3. She cannot possibly go to sleep in this crib with “all of dese bars… “ (Yikes. Think it’s time to consider the big move to a regular bed?)
4. Her tights from ballet feel funny on her toes. “It’s just all wrong!”
5. She just doesn’t understand why we had to put the flip-flops from summer away. It is a high of 60 degrees today.

My Top Tantrums (this week also…)

1. Why do you people keep dirtying your clothes! I don’t want to do laundry any moooore. (Me in the laundry room throwing things…) I don’t care if it’s muddy. I’m not soaking and that’s that!
2. You keep making me do it all day long. Feed you, clean up. Do dishes. I’ve had enough! I’m not doing it any more. Humph…
3. But, I don’t wanna go… (Fill in blank with soccer practice, baseball practice, brownies, religious ed, grocery shopping.)
4. T (instead of the usual Daddy), don’t go to work! Why do you need to go to work? Stay with me all day. Pleeaassee…


  1. Awesome post. I have whined in the same tone as my daughters do and they were thoroughly annoyed. I don't think they got my point, though.

    And as for the tights not feeling right? Just went through that today with the socks...they have "lumps." Is it bad that I want to scream...

  2. So funny. My favorite is the ice cream store whine...I get that one a lot. My youngest may or may not have had a popsicle on the way to pre-school yesterday at 9 a.m. Maybe.

  3. I think my son and R would be great friends.

  4. Gibby-is it bad that I do scream that??

  5. Oh boy, can I relate to this! The first part made me laugh out loud and the last part brought home memories of asking my husband to "please stay home from your business trip. I don't want to be alone with them again."

  6. You know what I wish? I wish I could have a tantrum and THEN be sent to time out. I would never leave my room...