Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Snippets 2

We purchased silver sparkle shoes from Target (on sale for only $9.99) to go with the Ariel costume for Halloween. R is in love with them. I knew the moment the purchase was made, I would live to regret it. Last night after her shower, she is buck naked, wearing the shoes and the birthday crown from preschool. Dancing and marching across my bedroom reciting the names of the months, in order, mind you. I didn’t know she knew all of the months of the year. Thank God that check each month for preschool is going toward something!

After a long explanation of why Voldemort, from the Harry Potter series, would be sucking on unicorn blood, my son makes this statement.

B: “So, you’re saying that a unicorn is not really a real animal?”

Me: “Uh, no it’s not. I thought you knew that.”

B: “No. No. I didn’t know that.”

Me: “Well, we’ve never seen any of them at any zoos, circuses, or farms have we?”

B: “Well, there are lots of animals that we’ve never seen at those places that exist.”

Me: Wondering if I just said something equivalent to There is no Tooth Fairy

B: Sitting and stewing and looking a little ticked off.

Drying our hands after another potty stop while doing errands. The hand dryer was pretty high up on the wall. The warm air was aimed down at her. There was R reaching up, faced pointed to the dryer also, hair whooshing back, basking in the warm air like a lunatic shaking her hips back and forth. Or perhaps a better visual would be of a runway model walking into the fake wind of a very large fan. Me smiling and trying to move her along while the other women laughed. Really? I swear you could be happy anywhere, kid.

A conversation between A and myself.

A: “Mom, did you know that the last Harry Potter book is 800 pages long?!?”

Me: “Yes, I read it and it was very long.”

A: “Can you believe someone could write a book that long?”

Me: “It is a pretty big accomplishment.”

A: “I wonder how long it took her to write it. Do you know?”

Me: “No, I don’t, but we should look that up and find the answer. I’d be curious too.”

A: “Wouldn’t it be cool if she did it in one day?”

Me: “Yes, but I don’t think that’s really possible-especially with a book like that. It’s an involved story.”

A: “I would like to write something like that in one day.”

Me: “Why don’t you just start writing and not put a time frame on it?”

A: “Why? You said I could do anything I put my mind to! I am going to write 800 pages in one day.”

Me: I knew that phrase would come back to bite me in the ass…

At the end of the Cinderella movie, each and every time, R says to me out loud “Oh Mom! Cinerella is married!” She exclaims this with such enthusiasm and pure happiness on her little face. And I swear to you, her hands are clasped up by her chin. Yesterday, while watching, she added this “Oh Mom! I love in dis movie dat Cinerella looks soooo pretty in dat dress!” (Big sweeping hand movements with description of dress.) It’s official. I think I’ve lost her to fairy tales.


  1. Such sweet exchanges with your children! And you have such inquisitive, thoughtful children. And everyone deserves a "happily ever after!" I think A just might get it!

  2. She is precious! And I love that she thinks that she can write an 800 page tome in one day :)

  3. Such cute tidbits!! I jut love little kids and the way your words always bite you in the ass!!

  4. Could you imagin if she did write 800 pages in ONE WHOLE DAY!!! lol cute

  5. We all need a little fairy tale in our lives. I totally wish unicorns were real and if he finds a way to write 800 pages in one day, can you let me know?!

  6. How cute. I love that B didn't know about the unicorn. It's funny how we just assume these things.