Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little Snippets

Disney channel interviews Selena Gomez as she states that this latest album is dedicated to all of her fans because without them, she wouldn’t be here.

A turns to me and says with all sincerity, “Oh my gosh. Selena made that album just for me!!!”

I asked B how his hour was with my 84 year-old grandmother and 90 year-old grandfather on Friday. His response, “Well, there were the fights and a lot of Jesus Christ words flying around and a d-a-m-e-t word also. “ Great. Nothing like multi-generational bonding with an adequate dose of bad language.

A reading the school hot lunch menu to check out the day’s options. The last entry she reads as “Ba-log-na-na” What A? Say that again. “Ba-log-na-na.” I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what she was trying to say. I made her spell it. Turns out, she meant a Bologna sandwich.

True story. Happened to a friend of mine this week. Her and her husband were at soccer and football pick up. It all happens at the same park. She gets into the minivan assuming all 4 of her children went with their father. He gets into his car assuming all 4 children went with their mother. For reasons unknown to mankind, this family still does not own a cell phone. They get all the way home when they receive a call from a man at the park, who has all four of their children waiting in the snack house for them to head back across town and pick them up. And I thought I was frantic…

I had to return my second bottled water to the lady at the restaurant counter because it was melted enough to be leaning like the tower of Pisa. I came and sat back down in the booth. R turns to me and says, “Mommy are you dispointed?” I was unaware that she knew that word, much less when it would be an appropriate time to use it. I said “Yes, R. I am disappointed. You see, restaurant X is trying to give Mommy some type of cancer apparently because their plastic bottles have been heated to the point of being deformed and the BPAs must have all seeped out into the water by now and...” (Just kidding on that last part. I actually complimented her on her sentence. But, I would have liked to have said that to the manager…)


  1. All of those snippets are so funny! Especially B's description of his time with Grandpa. :)

  2. "Ba-log-na-na" is so cute! My daughter says, "ham-a-burger" and I refuse to correct it. I love it mispronounced.

  3. I love your last comment about the water bottle and cancer. That made me laugh out loud!!

  4. My husband and I always say we're worse when we're both there...b/c you think the other one's got in under control!! That made me laugh.

  5. Hee hee. :) You are a witty one.

  6. I could totally hang with grandma and grandpa. They sound like mine kind of people.

    And Holy Shit! I bet those parents were so freaked out! And yet, it sounds like something that could happen to me.

    Make sure you teach A that Ba-log-na-na is Wrong-Ass food! :)