Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Fever

Short sleeves. Zip up sweatshirts. Playing outside. Bike rides. Sunshine. The sunroof is open in the car. The tulips and the daffodils are two inches out of the soil.

It’s official; we have spring fever around here.

The past few days in the Chicago area have been full of blue skies, sunshine and 60 degrees. After close to four months of nothing but gray, freezing cold and snow, we couldn’t be happier.

The children are naive enough to think that this is it. Spring has officially arrived.


This is Chicago after all. That is why the weatherman has predicted snow and sleet for Sunday and Monday. But, I can’t bear to tell them what March is really all about. That lion and lamb nonsense. That they haven’t seen the last of the yuck yet. It’s still out there, on the horizon.

Just in time for outdoor soccer to begin. They’ll slosh through torrential rains. They’ll be covered in wet, goopy mud. At the same time, it’ll be freezing cold.

However, the air will smell different. Perhaps, it’s the trees blooming or the grass coming in. The rain will make everything green. It will wash away the drudgery of winter and usher in the true spring for which we are all longing.

What will this breath of fresh air carry with it?

The change that is eminent.

An end to the itch of winter.

The beginning of something.

I hope so. This fever is hot. Send in the rain of renewal.


  1. My friend Kate, who grew up in Cinci, thought her March birthday was in Spring and then she moved to Chicago and learned it was really in Winter.
    March is such a tease.

  2. I love the smell of rain in March. But not the smell of sleety rain. Here's to hoping that nasty weather passes you by!

  3. Spring here always smells a little little cow manure at first.....I hate it and love it at the same time.

    And that in like a lion/lamb horse crap. In like a lion, out like a lion...always!!!

    Happy Spring!

  4. We are LOVING the weather here in OH...but it's supposed to snow Sunday. ;(

  5. I know you know the forecast. Sadly, as I'm typing this, I know you see those clouds, too. Oh well, it was a good run.

    And do your kids know that not only do we have to get through March, but April, too? My kids are definitely in denial!

  6. Jealous as shit over here. 6-12 inches by tomorrow. Wind 55mph. I know that it will be over soon, but can I just whine ONE more time?

    Yeah, like I'll ever quit whining :)

  7. I live in the Detroit area, and we are in the same boat. We were at the park today, trying to soak in all that sunshine before the snow and sleet came this weekend. The snow just needs to be done already!!

  8. We're back and forth around here, too. It's driving me nutso because I'm just itching to get rid of my winter wear for good. (And then I'll soon be bitching about the heat.)