Wednesday, March 10, 2010




It seems that lately, as I sit down to compose a blog post, my mind goes blank. I stare at my screen. I try to force my thoughts into something coherent-to string together a few words.

For the first time in a long time, it's difficult.

Things are jumbled. I stare at my screen and think only of the list of to dos. It's quite a long list these days. When things get busy in life, I have trouble focusing. Getting out of the mode of that thinking and taking time for myself to be productive in other ways.

I started this post at 5:00 am. My eyes were so tired, I couldn't focus on the screen for a good five minutes. Perhaps that's the problem. Am I giving myself the best opportunity to be successful at this? Or, is it just getting crammed on the to do list like everything else? The problem is, this is about the only thing on that huge list that is mine alone.

I don't want it to be like that. I walk around all day composing blog posts in my head. The children will do something funny. I'll have a little insight somewhere between soccer and the grocery store. But, life with three children happens and that thought gets lost along the way. I should fix the process. I know that. I should make the time for something that is important to me. I know that also.

I am aware of the changes and the focus shift that needs to be made. However, I am in a rut. I need someone to throw me a rope or lend me a hand to pull me out.


  1. I GET THIS.

    I really do. There was one week where I was so incredibly busy that I didn't blog at all. I thought it was the right decision until I realized how crabby I was. And I realized I was crabby because I wasn't taking time for myself doing what I love...writing. So I decided that no matter what, if I have something to say, I will take the time to say it. If on a particular day I have nothing to say or whatever I have is not quite ready, I will wait.

    Don't get me wrong, there are times that as I sit writing, I feel incredibly guilty for not doing something else. I hate that. I wish I could just be in the moment and be fine with it. I also love to read what others write because honestly, reading thoughts from women who are in the same position as me really helps me not feel so alone. And reading those who have a different situation than mine also opens my eyes. But it's not always easy to find the time.


    Anyhow, I get it, and if I can give any advice, it would be this:
    Keep Writing! Just write and your focus will come.

  2. I agree with Gibby...take a break and then write when you're ready...and when you want and about what you want!! I feel that way sometimes too...which is why I usually take the weekends off. I'll be here waiting!

  3. I get it.....My posts have been pretty short and sweet lately...Maybe not sweet but definatley short. My mind is going through a spring thaw and what it is revealling isn't really entertaining.

  4. Oh boy, do I know this feeling. When I get stuck, I usually surf around to blogs I love, hoping to find inspiration. But sometimes even that doesn't work.

    Don't pressure yourself! When you're ready to post again, it will come!

  5. Funny I came across your post! I have these great thoughts all day long, but being busy can definitely squash your thoughts and/or not give you enough time to think it through & jot it down. I'm thinking of writing stuff down when it comes to me...or a few times I've even started a post with a few key words of what I'm thinking about. Then, when everyone else is in bed, I keep writing. Sometimes it works, sometimes I've forgotten...but maybe it's worth a try? Good luck!!

  6. Ruts are normal. I had one for a few months, so I only blogged when I had something to say. Sometimes it was once a week, other times I went weeks without saying anything. It happens. And then it passes. In the meantime, just relax until you're inspired. Because you will be again. I promise!

  7. Laura, I am so there with you! I hate cramming me-stuff on the list. I don't have any suggestions, just emapthy. You are not alone!!