Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Snippets 4

B: Hey A, did you know that Papa was in Vietnam?!?

A: (wearing Nikes) B, did you know my shoes are made in Vietnam?!?

R in the tub taking her bath.

R: Mommy, will you marry me?

Me: Well, I’m already married to Daddy.

R: But I wuv you sooo much! I wuv you and Daddy!

Me: We love you too.

R: Then can I marry both you and Daddy?

Me: Don’t you want to marry a boy you fall in love with?

R: (thinking for a while) No. I want to marry you and Daddy.

Me: Alright then, I’ll check back with you on that in a few years.

A: Mom are we going tonight to the Orthodontist?

Me: We are not going to the orthodontist. That is the doctor that puts braces on your teeth. We are going to the dermatologist to check on your rash. He is a skin doctor.

A: So we’re going to the dermathodontist tonight then?

Me: What did you call him?

A: The orthotologist?

Me: The dermatologist.

A: Yeah, that’s what I said.

Me: Not even close…


  1. I bet she'll still want to marry you guys in a few years. That is the best kind of love.

  2. I think that's adorable that she wants to marry you guys. She has good taste.

  3. What do you think the copay is for a dermathodontist?

    (And yes, I did have to copy and paste that!)

  4. Sounds like Who's on First through your sweet Kaleidoscope. I love the future commitment discussions. When I tell my kids that Dad's my soul mate, they tell me that they are each other's soul mates. More mushy gushy sweetness.

  5. You need to keep that and reread it when they graduate high school!! How sweet!