Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Fresh Perspective

So, it's official.

I have lost control of my iPhone to my three year old.

This girl has moves that you would not believe. She can pick pocket it from me and, I swear, I don't even feel it happening. I hope this is not indicative of a future career that will involve me posting bail.

I will admit, I give it up freely at doctor's offices, basketball, soccer and baseball games, school functions, checkout lines at stores. What can I say? The videos and all of those learning apps really come in handy for a mom in the year 2010.

My last iPhone was broken and I replaced it with this version a few months ago. While in the store, I had to have a discussion with our salesman about which case could provide maximum protection-just in case the device was dropped a time or two. He sold me a rubber like cover that actually has two shock absorbing bands that is proven to absorb the impact when dropped. He must have seen me coming. It cost more, but has been worth every bouncing penny. But, that's what I get for giving my phone to my three year old.

As we walk through stores, people will comment on the fact that R is whooshing her finger and tapping away on the glass front like a pro. She can find whatever you need on the phone. Set up a movie, play an app, take pictures, play music. You name it-there's an R for that. My husband, a huge apple fan, takes this as a testament to how simple these devices are to operate. As her mother, I of course, take it for the fact that she is a three year old genius. But, that's just me.

So, because of her love of the iPhone, he are some shots from R. This is what she does when she's in charge of the phone and bored in stores or on errands. This is her perspective. It's interesting for me to get an inside view from there.

Furniture shopping with my parents, B and A.

Eggs at the grocery store.

Shopping at Target.

From her perspective atop the bleachers during a soccer game.


  1. My two-year-old does the same thing. The first time i saw her move her finger across the screen I was shocked. Now? I'm resigned.

    Love the photos!

  2. This is too cute! Glad to see you're still posting/writing, I will definitely keep reading!

  3. Wow!!! I don't have one...maybe she could give me lessons!! ;)

  4. I wish I'd had one 5 years ago when Sam was 3. It would have saved us SO many times in restaurants.

  5. Oh my gosh, do you have Pocket God on your phone? My kids are OBSESSED with that thing. Whenever they are being difficult, hubs whips out the Iphone and the world is okay again.

  6. My KDG learned how to read the words "End Call" thanks to my iPhone, LOL!