Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gifts from the Heart

Sometimes, when you are down and out about ridiculously unimportant things, there is a little someone who comes a long and gives you something that realigns your perspective.

A gift that touches you deep in your heart and reminds you that the condition of your house is not important, nor is the laundry piling up or the fact that you can't walk into school to pick them up.

It only matters that they love you and you love them. And all will be ok tomorrow or next week because this feels good right now.

You are loved. And that is enough to heal all.

Card and Flowers from B.

Card with game from A.

From my littlest artist, R.


  1. Some Mama out there is really, really, loved.

  2. OMG, all of that is adorable, but that first letter is awesome!

  3. What beautiful cards and artwork and flowers. That must have felt awesome. Especially reading that letter from B.

  4. Really lovely! Rainbows and hearts and the earth and the moon, what could be better!

  5. How thoughtful of her to include a game in case you get bored. So cute.

  6. Oh my. That had to make you feel so wonderful!! Sweet little chickens!!