Monday, January 11, 2010

Fancy Pants

R has taken to the book Fancy Nancy like a fish to water. She loves the glitter on the cover. She loves crazy Nancy. She really thinks she is smashingly fancy. That’s a fancy word for really.

She wears her sparkly silver shoes while reading it. You know, the $9 ones from Target? I think she is channeling Nancy.

She now wears all sorts of jewelry-necklaces and rings galore. That’s a fancy word for a lot. Today, she has an extra ring in her pocket just in case. In case of what, I’m not sure.

Yesterday, she informed me that fuchsia was a fancy word for pink. Just randomly. Thanks for the fancy vocabulary lesson, R!

We are on our way to see The Princess and The Frog. She is dressed up for the occasion. That’s a fancy word for event, which is a fancy word in itself.

I don’t think I have it in me to go all out like Nancy’s family in the book and get us all dressed up to go. She told me she likes my earrings though. And asked me to put on a necklace. She has her daddy wearing one also. So, maybe that is fancy enough for today. Let’s hope so.


  1. We LOVE Fancy Nancy!!! Or should I say "adore"? :)

  2. We're on the same channel too! My almost 4 year old loves FN. Feather boas instead of scarves, etc. She even wore a fancy hat ringed with daisies to our viewing of the Princess and the Frog. I didn't wear a dress, but I did wear heels and a new sweater. (:

  3. We were introduced to FN briefly at storytime - and were very fancy for a few days after. Now we're a princess. All. the. time. Heels, tiaras, wands, sashes. Princessy.

    Btw, she adored Princess and the Frog - hope R does too.

  4. oh my! are you at my house? my toddler just got her first fancy nancy book and is obsessed! and the target shoes - we got the pink sparkly ones last year and the red sparkly ones this year. love them! i can't wait to get more fancy nancy books for her birthday!

  5. I think we need a picture of Miss Fancy and her necklace-wearing Daddy!

  6. So cute! We love Fancy Nancy here, too. (I'm just glad I don't have to pull off Fancy Mommy.)

  7. The first FN book cracks me up. My daughter always eyes me after the pages where FN's family attend her school. As if there's something wrong with us because there's no way in the world we'd ever have the patience to be tutored by a kid who practically puts on a new load of laundry each time the page turns.