Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Snippets 5

R: Mommy, is it time to put my ballet-it-tard on now?

Me: What??

R: Time for the ballet-it-tard now? I want to go to ballet!

Me: Do you mean your leotard for ballet?

R: Yeah, my ballet-it-tard.

We had a book fair at school last week. They are kind enough to include books for small children in the fair so that siblings can have something to pick out also. So, we found a book about an iguana for R. All three children have been somewhat obsessed with iguanas after our February trip, where we were able to see lots of them up close and personal. In the car on the way home, R is reading her book. She starts calling it an ig-u-na-na. I think I must have corrected her about 12 times. No matter what, she either couldn’t or wouldn’t correct her pronunciation of it. I have to say, in that little voice the ig-u-na-na was hysterical. B, A and myself couldn’t stop the giggles.

R has reached the exact height of all counter tops, doorknobs, tables etc. Anything and everything that you could possibly run into, she is these days. I feel sorry for her little head. This weekend, she hit the granite in the kitchen and the post of a soccer goal on Sunday. She walked into the grill on the patio yesterday. Running into school to get B and A, she collided with the metal tab that sticks out from the handle on the door. I swear I am contemplating a helmet for her. As we are grocery shopping the other day, she turns and whacks her head onto the cart handle. I am consoling her when an older woman walks up to us. She tells R not to worry she just needs to grow two more inches and she’ll be fine-so, get on it! R and I sat and stared as she walked off.

I am coming up on my 100th post soon. (Yay! Cue the confetti and balloons!) This is a small milestone for lots of bloggers. So, I was wondering what you all did to celebrate your 100th post. I am contemplating the traditional 100 things you don't know about me list, but am open to other suggestions. Mainly because I don't know if I can come up with 100 things that are even remotely interesting. So, please, by all means suggest away.


  1. I don't think I did anything special for my 100th posts...hmmm...I hope the little one's head is ok...that's such a rough age for the noggin! And Ballet-it-tard? So cute!!

  2. Aww, her poor little noggin!! I remember that stage with my girls!

    100 posts is terrific! Maybe 100 things that make you happy?

  3. "ballet-it-tard!" I love it. It's almost sad when they start saying everything correctly, isn't it?

  4. I propose that "ballet-it-tard" be added to the dictionary. :p

  5. I like how she blended the two words together - awesome!

    Congrats on your pending 100th post!

  6. I am going to start using "ballet-it-tard," I love it.

    100th post!! Woo hoo!!! I think I did a "100 things I miss or am going to miss" type post. It took a while to write, so can't say I recommend it! Can't wait to read your 100th, whatever it may be!