Monday, April 26, 2010

The Cable Guy

We changed cable companies for the millionth time. After waiting 4 hours yesterday, the first guy came and set it all up incorrectly. He gave us the wrong type of boxes and didn’t set up the Internet. He told me that we requested it to be set up ourselves. I assured him that we would not normally make such a request-perhaps, because we are not technically savvy. He disagreed and said that must have been what my husband wanted. I said, well since I’m the one here with you, we’re going to override that thought and have you set it up. He informed me that would require another appointment. Proceed with deep breathing techniques…

On day two of the cable saga, I learn that Zac Efron is my new cable guy. No kidding. He walked up my driveway and it took all my restraint not to bust out with “hey, did anyone ever tell you that you look like…” I’m sure he gets it a lot.

As Zac is walking into the house with me, the kids are standing there looking at him. I swear they were about to ask him themselves. He mutters hi to A. Then walks past B just as R jumps out from behind the door he was about to knock into her. He says, “Oh, there’s another one.” Yes sir, Zac. You have to watch it around here. These little kids are everywhere.

We are in the family room and I explain the problem to him. He begins fiddling with the cable box and graciously points out to me that something or another is not plugged into the right spot. I am not sure what yesterday’s cable guy did, so I say just go ahead and do whatever you need to. I walk into the chaos of the kitchen (we had just arrived home from school as he was pulling up) and begin trying to help B and A with homework before we have to leave for soccer practice. Zac gets a call on his phone from a friend. He just starts chatting away and at one point goes “Dude, I can’t even hear you it’s so loud in here.” Again, yes, children are noisy. Especially when they just get home from school.

So, he goes upstairs and starts working on the box up in the master bedroom. In the meantime, I am trying to get B and A into their soccer uniforms for practice. There was some confusion on where certain shirts and socks were located. I go up there to see if he’s almost finished and notice that someone had dumped the entire laundry basket out onto the floor of my bedroom. Perhaps a certain someone looking for a soccer jersey… So, scattered all over the floor were clothes and underwear and last, but not least, one of my bras spread out directly in front of the TV set where Zac was trying to hook up my DVR. I believe I said something intelligent when I walked into the room like “What the hell?” Zac just shrugged as I, with warp speed, picked up all of the laundry and deposited it back into the hamper.

I return downstairs and begin to get the kiddos into the car when I hear him calling “Miss? Miss?” He needed me to sign the paperwork. At least Zac threw me a bone and called me Miss instead of the dreaded Ma’am. For that, I could have kissed him. But, I figured Vanessa was surely waiting in the van. And I did have that soccer practice to run to and my youth and dignity to find somewhere…


  1. I despise dealing with cable, direct tv, whatever. It never seems to go right - at least you had some eyecandy to enjoy through out the process!

  2. Hee hee!! The meat guy at the grocery store (who was a teenager, I'm sure) called me miss and told me he liked my hair...I could have kissed him too!!!

    Hope Zac fixed it!!

  3. He saw your bra--niiiiice! Hey, at least he was cute and not some wrinkled butt-crack guy!

  4. I cringe every time a "stranger" like the cable guy comes in to my older son is 3 and he's very chatty. I'm sure you can imagine some of the colorful stories he's come up with to gab about :p

  5. OMG, this post is hysterical!!!! So funny.
    I am glad I am not the only one who has cable guy problems. The last time we switched and had everything bundled, we had 3 technicians come out to try to "fix' what they had installed. Finally one technician, while at our house and completely confused as to why it wasn't working, called his own company pretending to be me and was flabbergasted at the excuses they gave him. Hubs wants to switch AGAIN and I said that I quit, if he'd like to take the day off to deal with these guys, more power to him. (And I bet he wouldn't care if the cable guy saw his underwear, LOL!)

  6. I could just picture this whole scene in my head!

    I will take Miss over Ma'am anyday!

    My parents had the same problem with Comcast. They ordered a DVR and thought that's what they got. . . until they tried to record and coudln't. Come to find out, it wasn't a DVR. They now have U-verse.

  7. I too, call it a red banner day when I get a "miss" over a "m'am." A sad state of affairs, I know.

  8. I love the way your write your posts! This one was especially hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh :)