Friday, November 13, 2009

The Showdown

I love naptime. Peace. Quiet. I don’t have to play babies with anyone. I don’t have to answer the latest why question. I don’t have to wipe a bottom. Not for 2 whole hours. It is quiet. It is peaceful. Both words are worth repeating. It is bliss.

Until lately. R is fighting naptime with all of her blessed little heart. This painful ritual begins right after lunchtime.

Me: “R, time for nappies. Let’s head up.”

R: “No!!! I no need a nappy.” Shrieking, running away and hiding inserted here.

Once I’ve caught her and we make it upstairs and through the potty ritual, things really start to get tough. She hates her crib. She suddenly misses her Daddy. She asks when we are going to get B and A at school. She tells me that her head hurts. Her back hurts. Her feet hurt. Could I rub them? She tries to make me promise a lollipop after nap. She asks what is for dinner. We redo the blankets several times. We rearrange the animals that sleep with her. She won’t let go of my hand. More kisses. More I have to tell you somethings. The ritual of how far open the door has to be begins as I feel my blood boiling. This entire episode never ends pretty. At least it hasn’t for the last few weeks since it began. She is more tired than when she started the process and I am left feeling exhausted. Not to mention how much of that two-hour time frame is eaten up by it. Forty-five minutes to be exact.

I cannot, will not, give up naptime a month into turning three. It can’t happen. It won’t happen. I need that time. She needs that time.

Both B and A napped until kindergarten. It was a godsend. I can remember feeling panicked about what would happen once they stopped. How would I keep them occupied for another two hours? I had a new baby at the time. How would I recoup my energy in order to still be a good mom for the remainder of the day? But it happened. They stopped napping and as with everything, you adjust to the new stage. It wasn’t bad. It actually gave me some nice quality time with them as R slept.

But, as I mentioned, she just turned three. No way. No how. Not yet. I will go the distance on this issue with her. Not just for my sake, but for hers also. She is way too tired and cranky on the days when she doesn’t sleep. She gives up so much of herself throughout the day trying to keep up with her older siblings. She needs the rest as much as I do.

She asks me to stay upstairs with her. She asks to be checked on. I will gladly do all of the above as well as recite the dinner menu. Sometimes, I even give in on the lollipop. However, we will continue this go around until you give it up little one. I promise you that.


  1. Oh, sweetie. I feel your pain. Both Miss D. and Miss M. gave up naps by 2 years. And Mommy cried both times, because Mommy needed those naps!!

  2. I agree with you 100%, too early to give it up. My twins napped until kindergarten too. We went through several phases of them fighting it, but I just stuck to my guns and sure enough it would pass and things would go back to normal. I NEEDED them to nap.

    With my son it was a little different. He always went down so easily. Then he started fighting it right after he turned four. I would spend so much time getting him to sleep that I would always end up waking him up because we had to leave to get his sisters. Then he was even more cranky. So I let him give it up since the days he napped he would stay up until 10pm. Not OK. Afternoons are sometimes rough, but he goes to bed at 7pm on the dot and sometimes 6:30. If he is as my mother in law's house, he will still nap, but she insists.

    But three is too little to give it up. Power through and stick to your guns, I bet it will pass. There are days when I wish my son still took a nap.

  3. We have the same "door" dance - the last thing I hear before bed or naptime is "no close door, mommy"...

  4. This is about the time I piled their beds with books and told them they had graduated to "quiet time" - they had to stay in their beds and read and rest until quiet time was over. Sometimes they'd fall asleep. Sometimes not. But at least I got a little peace and quiet. Good luck!

  5. Oh dear. My kids all were nappers until Kindergarten...and Matthew is 4 and still naps...I instilled "quiet time" after that...maybe you could try that? TV is better than a bad mommy for the rest of the day! ;)