Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Dash

Soccer practice twice a week for two children at different times.

Softball games three times a week.

Baseball practice twice a week.

Ballet practice once a week for the smallest child.

A recital upcoming. Pictures, dress rehearsal and a small gathering at our house afterwards.

Piano lessons for two children, plus practice time.

Girl Scouts every other week.

Gymnastics every Wednesday.

School pick up and drop off every day twice a day.

Preschool twice a week.

At least two and possibly up to four soccer games each weekend.

A tournament in two weeks that our soccer club is hosting and requiring each family to volunteer 6 hours working.

The art fair project at school that I volunteer for each year.

End of year teacher gifts to coordinate.

Field trip next week to chaperone.

The second grade sing at school.

Volunteer breakfast at school next week.

Girl's softball game with PE teachers after school next week.

It’s ok. I got this.

I look at this time of year, the hell that has become known as May, as a mad dash. If I can just hang in there and not have my legs give out, I can make it. Make it to the finish line. The end of the school year. I will promptly say goodbye and suck it to that horrid schedule. To the demands on our family’s time. To the running. To the craziness. And into the bliss of summer.



Here we come.

Head down.

Finish line in sight…


  1. hang in there! and just think, we're half way through may already!!

  2. head is spinning just reading that do you do it???

  3. At least you're keeping the end goal in sight! I imagine myself hiding in a closet or throwing a temper tantrum or something when my kids get this age and have full little schedules :p

  4. I remember my mom, who worked full time and was a single parent, trying to make it all work for my brother and I. I thought it was impressive then, but now I am in awe.

    Pat yourself on the back:)

  5. I was just thinking the same thing. May = nutso around here!!! Hang in there and soon we'll be basking in the lazy sunshiney days of summer!!!

  6. It's almost the same around here, minus a few baseball games. Luckily that doesn't start until school's out for us. But's nuts. And as for recital weekends? That alone is cause for a bottle of wine!

  7. Sweetie, I'm exhausted just reading this. You need a long nap and a cocktail. ((hugs))

  8. That made my head spin. I hope there's a nice, long nap waiting at the finish line!

  9. Love how you wrote this. And May is CRAZY!

    We have 2 1/2 days left of school, then we're going to just breathe deeply for 3 months.